Turi Beach Resort - Fast Facts

Shopping and Sightseeing
Shopping and sightseeing in Nagoya or Batam Centre can be arranged by the Front Desk. Some places of interest in Batam or nearby islands are Barelang Bridge, Restored Vietnamese Refugee Camp and Museum. Seafood dining is also popular at Kelong.

Tropical climate with an average temperature of 28-32 degree Celsius and humidity levels of 60-90%. Expect more rainfalls from November to February.

All monetary transactions within Turi Beach Resort and Nongsa Resorts are made in Indonesian Rupiah as per Indonesia’s government regulations; any transaction using cash or credit card will be converted to Indonesia Rupiah at the resort’s prevailing daily exchange rate. Currency exchange service is available at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal or Hang Nadim International Airport. Please contact reservations prior to your arrival for any other information or assistance you may need.

Bahasa Indonesia is the native language with English being widely spoken.

Time Difference
GMT + 7 or an hour behind Singapore Time.

220-240 V

Check-in Time
1400 hours (Indonesian Time)

Check-out Time
1200 hours (Indonesian Time)

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