Turi Beach Resort - Spa

Tspa remains true to its original concept drawing inspiration from healing and beauty practices found across Indonesia using only local natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, herbs, oils and spices in its treatments.

Sooth and relax on your own or in company of your loved ones in a beach gazebo or in one of the multi-purpose private treatment rooms.


Reception area, where guests are greeted and introduce to the TSpa experience.
• 2 Sea View Rumah Spa Treatment Bungalows available for spa packages for one or two persons with private shower and balcony where to experience the beauty of the Malacca strait and the sound of waves
• 1 Beach Gazebo
• 3 Single Rooms
• 1 Couple Rooms
• 1 Manicure/Pedicure room
• 1 Reflexology Lounge
• A Relaxation Area

The therapists are well trained to create a revitalizing, relaxing and memorable experience to your senses. We will make sure that you will enjoy your spa treat and return again.

For additional information or reservations please contact us via email tspa@turibeach.com

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